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Region: Federation of Allied Nations
Motto: Building a New Democratic Gevon
Map: gevonsmallqe1.jpg
Language|Official Language(s): English, Gevoniaak, French, German, Russian
Capital: New Hong
Population: 5.129 billion
Currency: Roi
Leader: President Matthew White
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML


[edit] Gevon the Heartland

The Nationalist Free States of Gevon is a huge, highly developed, economically powerful nation in the Federation of Allied Nations, holding a vast swath of territory in the Western landmass. In terms of land size and population, the Nationalist Free States is one of the largest in the region, and is seen by many to have a larger share of power in the region. It is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic in the laissez-faire style.

Gevonians tend to be rather radical in an economic sense, and this aggressive industrial policy has propelled the Gevonian economy to new heights. At the same time, however, Gevonians are some of the most center-right when it comes to social rights. Social equality is on the government's agenda, along with increasing civil rights and political freedoms. Residents and visitors to Gevon enjoy a unique combination of cultures, moderate civil rights, and prospering markets.

[edit] People and Culture

[edit] Ethnicity and population

The total number of Gevonians, at home and abroad, numbers around the five and a third billion mark. Residents are made up of over 50 different ethnic groups, the Anglo-Saxon, French, Russian and Hispanic groups are major while Large German ethnic populations are widespread, and other ethnicities include Slavic, Turkic, Japanese, Chinese or Indian.

[edit] Urban-rural distribution

Gevon is a predominately urban nation, with approximately 75.4% of its population living in cities, towns, and other urban areas, mainly in the New Hong and Lito Metropolian Areas. Many rural areas still attract a large percentage of the Gevonian population, however.

[edit] Life expectancy

Healthcare in Gevon is fully nationalized yet still overseen by the Health Ministry. As such, the current life expectancy for Gevonians is approximately 77 for females and 74 for males.

[edit] Gevonian culture

Gevonian comprise a nationalist-conserative nation and as such, they are highly suspious of other cultures, races, creeds, and ethnicities. Much of the educational focus in Gevon is on the humanities, arts, and science. Although society is very much foward-looking, Gevonians still retain an affection for national culture and national ceremonies.

Gevonian cuisine is famous throughout the region for being rather bland. It has mild French and Russian influences, with emphasis on meat, seafood, dessert and vegetable dishes. However, Asian cuisine is becoming increasingly popular as well. Because of the many ethnicities that comprise the Nationalist Free States, 'fusion'-type restaurants are popular too.

[edit] Suffrage

All Gevonians can smoke and drink legally at the age of twenty. Wine may be consumed legally at the age of eighteen. The voting age in Gevon is eighteen.

[edit] Religion

The Gevonian Government does not condone or condemn any religion, as freedom of religion is paramount in the NFS. About two-thirds to three-quarters of Gevonians are religious. Of these, approximately 80% are Christian (in Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox variaties), 9% follow Judaism, 9% are Muslim, and the remaining 1% follow different religions.

[edit] Holidays

Date English Name French Name Russian Name German Name
1 January New Year's Day Jour de l'an День Нового Года Der Tag des Neujahrs
1 May Labor Day Fête du premier mai Деньа труда Tag der Arbeit
4 July Victory Day Fête de la Victoire День Победы Sieg-Tag
25 December Christmas Day Noël Рождество Weihnachten

[edit] Language

The three national languages of Gevon are English, Gevoniaak, and Russian. All Gevonian are taught English, Gevoniaak and either French or Russian. The main language used by the Government is English or the Gevonian version of Dutch, Gevoniaak, although the other two languages are used as well. German is also spoken in Gevon. Almost all Gevonians speak English. In addition to English, 39% speak French, 28% speak Russian, 18%, and the rest speak a combination of the above or other languages altogether.

[edit] State symbols

[edit] Flag

The Nationalist Free States flag is just recent. The National Assembly ratified the current flag on 30 April 2006. The three stripes stand for Gevonian people, united in its reconstruction. The white stands for the wealth and prosperity of Gevon, the green for its natural beauty, and the blue for Gevon's historic past and the sea. The yellow star in the middle shows the people's determination in times of peace and purity of honesty.

[edit] Anthem

The anthem of Gevon, Oh Gevon, was adopted in 2000 as the current anthem of Typophiles.

[edit] History

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[edit] Geography

[edit] Climate

Located in the western part of the Federation of Allied Nations, Gevon is an seaside nation with varied climate.

  • Central area: Warm to hot summers with cool to cold winters.
  • Northern area: Warm summers with cold to freezing winters.
  • Eastern area: Hot summers with cool winters.
  • Western area: Warm to hot summers with cool winters.
  • Southern area: Hot summers with warm winters.
Regional weather statistics
New Hong July High: 91°F
July Low: 76°F
January High: 55°F
January Low: 15°F
Precipitation: 514mm
Lito July High: 110°F
July Low: 79°F
January High: 72°F
January Low: 49°F
Precipitation: 910mm
Juba July High: 98°F
July Low: 73°F
January High: 68.3°F
January Low: 35.0°F
Precipitation: 412mm
Yorask July High: 85°F
July Low: 58°F
January High: 48°F
January Low: -15°F
Precipitation: 316mm

[edit] Topography & location

  • Lowest point: Olmka Valley, -500 ft
  • Highest point: Mt. Gearld, 22,993 ft

The Nationalist Free States of Gevon is located approximately 2089 miles south of Velenora, 1850 miles south of the Caldari, 120 miles north of Cramsfordd and 4190 miles south of Typophiles. The climate is quite varied. The southern region is usually warmer and balmy. The eastern and western sides are both cooler, but the eastern side is more humid than the western. As for the northern side, it is a little colder than the rest of the nation.

Geographical spots of interest include the Gosamkua National Forest in the northwestern part of the nation. Protected by law, it contains almost 500,000 acres of trees. Other areas include a tropical rainforest, the Taak in the southwestern portion and and Lake Sous in the east.

[edit] Dependancies

The NFS has appoximately six to eight 'sudo' dependancies. More are being created or reunited with the motherland per the executive order #90:

[edit] Economy

The Gevonian economy is one of the strongest industrial powerhouse in the Federation of Allied Nations and its GDP per capita is average to most nations in the world. Sticking to its laissez-faire policy, the government, through the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), intervenes in the economic sector depending on the policies intiated in the National Assembly, in times of emergency (e.g. natural disasters, war) or when substantial cases of economic fraud have been committed. The MTI also strictly enforces laws pertaining to labor, economy, and safety.

  • GDP: $117,866,939,929,200.02
  • GDP per Capita: $23,152.02
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.9%
  • Major Industrial Sectors: Agriculture, Mining, Heavy Industry, Weapons Production, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Texiles,
  • Natural Resources: Timber, Rubber, Furs, Uranium, Oil, Cotton, Fish, Spices, Sugar, Salts, Wine, Coccoa, Tabacco, Iron Ore, Coal, Lead, Aluminum, Bauxite, Gold, Silver, Gems, Diamonds, Titanium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc


[edit] Military

The NFS Military is slightly undermanned since the end of the Gevon Wars. Currently the National Assembly has passed a recent budget increase for the armed services, allowing the desperately underequipted GNAF to purchase new vehicles, aircraft, tanks and arament. The GNAF has a total of around 4 million soldiers on duty, broken into the navy, air force and army. The Security Police is responsible for national security and for the nation's law and order. Here is the breakdown of the armed forces:

  • The Gevonian National Army: 2,908,896
  • The Gevon Air Corps: 1,390,976
  • The Gevonian Naval Forces: 1,990,885


[edit] Gevon Politics

Gevonian politics are different than most other nations. While some nations have a three-branch system, a single authority, Gevon has a special form of three-branch government. The President works with the Politburo, Adminburo and the National Assembly to maintain a healthy bureaucracy which sometimes can get very complitcated. Most of the nation's current policies are conserative with nationalist ideals in mind based upon an anti-Nationalist assembly. However with the upcoming nationwide Presidental elections, the change from a conserative and restrictive assembly to a more liberal-minded one is possible, allowing reforms which would have not happened in the first place could possibly happen now.

[edit] Political Parties

There are ten major political parties in Gevon and they are:

  • The Nationalist Party
  • The Atholonian Reunionist Party
  • The Moderate Party
  • The Liberal Democratic Party
  • The Socialist Party
  • The Conserative Party
  • The Libertarian Party
  • The Union for Gevonian Democracy
  • The Republican Party
  • The National Front (different than Nationalist Party)

[edit] Government Structure

The Gevonian political system is made up of four groups, placed into two major branches. The President is the head of state for the NFS while the Prime Minister, appointed by the President is the head of government. The structure is explained below.

[edit] The National Assembly

The National Assembly consists of 577 members known as deputies, each elected by a single-member constituency. Deputies are elected in each constituency through a two-rounds system. It is presided over by a president, normally from the largest party represented, assisted by vice-presidents from across the represented political spectrum. The term of the National Assembly is two years; however, the President of the NFS may dissolve the Assembly (by i.e.: calling a new election), unless he dissolved it in the preceding year. The President of the NFS can decide to dissolve the National Assembly and call for new legislative elections. This is meant as a way to resolve stalemates where the Assembly cannot decide on a clear political direction. This possibility is seldom exercised.

The National Assembly can overthrow the executive government (that is, the Prime Minister and other ministers) by voting a motion of censure. For this reason, the prime minister and his cabinet are necessarily from the dominant party or coalition in the assembly. In the case of a president and assembly from opposing parties, this leads to the situation known as cohabitation. While motions of censure are periodically proposed by the opposition following government actions that it deems highly inappropriate, they are purely rhetorical; party discipline ensures that, throughout a parliamentary term, the government is never overthrown by the Assembly.

[edit] The President

The duties of the President are primarily to manage foreign affairs not only in the region but in other parts of the world as well. The President negotiates all treaties and agreements with other nations, and represents Gevon at the United Nations and at Novus Island, FAN's neutral capital. The Prime Minister also is in charge of the military during times of war and peace. The job of Prime Presidency is open to election every five years. There is no term limit to the job of President. The President is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces in times of war, has the power to appoint other delegates and ambassadors. The executive is the only one who can sign a bill into law, after it has been approved in the National Assembly or he can veto it. Whoever wins the upcoming Presidental Election shall be the first President of the NFS.

[edit] The Politburo and the Adminburo

The Politburo and Adminburo run the nation's massive bureaucracy, handling all matters from the issuing of passports to renewing driver's licences to approving building projects. The Adminburo is the secondary cabinet for the President who act as a sort of advisory council who make recommendations for the improvement of the bureaucracy or reform of national bureaucratic policy. Neither party of the bureaucracy has any say in final decisions of legislation.

[edit] Elections

The NFS does not have a full-fledged two-party system; that is, a system where, though many political parties exist, only two parties have a chance of getting elected to major positions. However Gevon politics displays some tendencies characterizing a two-party system in which power alternates between relatively stable coalitions, each being led by a major party: on the left, the Socialist Party, on the right, the Nationalist Party.

Elections are always held on Friday. The voting stations open at 8am and close at 6pm in small towns or at 8pm in cities The campaigns end at midnight the Wednesday before the election; no polls can be published, no candidate can speak on TV, on Thursday or the Saturday of the election. At 8pm on Friday, polls can be published and the candidates can speak on television. Template:Image Elections also take place in Atholon. Elections there are held on Thursday to avoid the results being published before all voters have voted. There are approximately 29 million voters in Atholon, registered as Gevonian citizens. All Gevonian citizens over the age of eighteen are automatically registered onto the electorial roll however they may vote for whoever they want. When people register they must have three forms of identification (passport, driver's licence, tax form, etc.) and the Voter Registration Form. Should forgery of documents be discovered, the consequences are up to ten years in prison and a fine of 500,000 Rois.

  • Presidental Elections occur every 5 years
  • National Assembly Elections occur every 2 years

[edit] Diplomatic Relations

[edit] The Caldari State

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[edit] The Federal Republic of Typophiles

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